Communication Leadership at Saint Mary’s College of California


The Communication Department at Saint Mary’s College has developed a course to engage alumni and other successful executives with current students.

This course examines the communication competence in leaders today. We will learn about the decisive roles leaders such as Churchill, Hitler and Mao have played in world politics. Also we will examine how charismatic leaders such as Gandhi, the Dali Lama, Nelson Mandela, and Martin Luther King have changed the social fabric of nations. Continue reading

Featured Interview

Zafar (Zef) Malik—CEO of Silicon Turnkey Solutions:

showcase_donate_zafar_malikQ. First and foremost, what does your organization do? How does it define itself?

A. Well, the company I work for is Silicon Turnkey Solutions (STS). We are an IC [integrated circuit(s)] test company, what’s called a reliability test company in our industry. Our clientele employ us to test their basic to more advanced lines of hardware and software, to ensure their reliability and consistency for eventual release in the marketplace.

It’s a niche industry. If I have to define it, we pride ourselves on being a leading-edge one-stop solution for all product-test solutions in the hardware and software tech industry.

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